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Canifis Agility course Haunted Woods
Mort Myre Swamp

The Canifis Rooftop Agility Course is a Rooftop Agility Course found in Canifis available to players with an Agility level of 40 or above.

It can be started by climbing the Tall Tree just north of the bank and is finished by jumping off the north side of the bank. Players get 240 experience from completing the course, including 175 experience upon completion of the course. The Canifis Rooftop Course is the best rooftop course to get Marks of Grace, as it is the quickest to get between each individual obstacle, for how many gaps there are. Above level 60 (20 levels above the course requirement) players receive only 20% of the regular rate of marks of grace[1].

It is recommended to change your NPC 'Attack' option priority to "Hidden" to avoid a misclick, as Eduard tends to hang in the corner of the bank; with one's camera panned down, it is quite easy to click on him rather than the tree. If you would like to keep your attack option priority the same, you can equip Wolfbane so that if you misclick, you are fine. Alternatively wielding a bow (except crystal bows) without ammo will prevent accidentally attacking NPCs as well.

With an average time of 44 seconds per lap, it is possible to get around 19.5k Agility experience per hour from this course. (Although an average of 14.5k xp/h is normal when levelling from 40-50, as failing obstacles is not uncommon). Additionally, due to the short distance between obstacles, it is possible to completely fill one's run energy while maneuvering the course.

There are 2 fail-able obstacles in this agility course. The first is the jump between the tanner and the general store (Jump Gap 3) and the second is the jump from the inn to the bank (Jump Gap 5). Failing an obstacle will inflict up to 8 points of damage. It is recommended to have some food stored in the bank here in case you repeatedly fail obstacles. It's possible to fail either jump repeatedly even at 59 Agility.

Experience per obstacle
Image Obstacle Experience
Canifis Agility Course 1.png Climb Tall Tree 10
Canifis Agility Course 2.png Jump Gap 1 8
Canifis Agility Course 3.png Jump Gap 2 8
Canifis Agility Course 4.png Jump Gap 3 10
Canifis Agility Course 5.png Jump Gap 4 8
Canifis Agility Course 6.png Pole Vault 10
Canifis Agility Course 7.png Jump Gap 5 11
Canifis Agility Course 8.png Final Jump 175
Total 240


  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 3 Aug 2015. Mod Ash: "If your unboosted level is 20 higher than required for the course, the rate is reduced to 20% of its normal rate."


  • There is a possible glitch tied to climbing the tree at the start of the course, in which a player will stand on top of the tree, seemingly unable to move. If this happens, simply click on the nearby roof and you will appear there.
  • There is another possible glitch very similar to the tree top one, which consists of the player getting stuck in the air near the building right after pole-vaulting. If this happens, simply fix it the same way: click on the roof and you will appear there.
  • If a player uses alchemy while wielding a fire staff, then pole vaults quickly enough, then a visual glitch will occur where the player will walk normally, rather than the pole vault animation.