The Cape hanger is built in the Achievement Gallery of a player-owned house as a place where players can show off the capes they own.

Players can use either a mythical cape, champion's cape, fire cape, infernal cape, or any cape of accomplishment (max cape variants can be used too) on the cape hanger to display it. One cape can be displayed at a time. The display can be admired, making the player perform the same animation as praying at an altar.

A player will need both the hood and the skillcape in order for it to be displayed. In addition, untrimmed skillcapes that are mounted on the cape hanger will become trimmed upon achieving level 99 in another skill.

If a player displays a certain set of skillcapes, the perks that they have will become available only to the house owner. The perks of the following skillcapes can be used while displayed on the cape hanger:

Construct. cape Construct. cape Crafting cape Crafting cape
Fishing cape Fishing cape Fletching cape Fletching cape
Hunter cape Hunter cape Magic cape Magic cape
Strength cape Strength cape Herblore cape Herblore cape
Quest point cape Quest point cape Achievement diary cape Achievement diary cape
Music cape Music cape Max cape Max cape


Item Exchange price Total price
Marble block 1 x Marble block 328,625 461,884
Gold leaf 1 x Gold leaf 133,259



  • Despite requiring the corresponding max hoods, mounted max cape variants will not display the hood.
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