The Cape rack is a hot spot found in the costume room of a player-owned house. Cape racks can be used to store various capes.

Cape racks

Image Type Level Materials required Details
Oak cape rack icon Oak cape rack 54 4 oak planks All capes, except Capes of Accomplishment.
Teak cape rack icon Teak cape rack 63 4 teak planks All capes, plus one Cape of Accomplishment
Mahogany cape rack icon Mahogany cape rack 72 4 mahogany planks All capes, plus five Capes of Accomplishment
Gilded cape rack icon Gilded cape rack 81 4 mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf All capes, plus ten Capes of Accomplishment
Marble cape rack icon Marble cape rack 90 1 marble block All capes
Magical cape rack icon Magical cape rack 99 1 magic stone All capes


Set Cape Hood
Cape of legends Cape of legends
Obsidian cape Obsidian cape
Fire cape Fire cape
Wilderness cape[1] Team-1 cape
Saradomin cape Saradomin cape
Guthix cape Guthix cape
Zamorak cape Zamorak cape
Attack cape Attack cape or Attack cape (t) Attack hood
Defence cape Defence cape or Defence cape (t) Defence hood
Strength cape Strength cape or Strength cape (t) Strength hood
Hitpoints cape Hitpoints cape or Hitpoints cape (t) Hitpoints hood
Agility cape Agility cape or Agility cape (t) Agility hood
Cooking cape Cooking cape or Cooking cape (t) Cooking hood
Construction cape Construct. cape or Construct. cape (t) Construct. hood
Crafting cape Crafting cape or Crafting cape (t) Crafting hood
Farming cape Farming cape or Farming cape (t) Farming hood
Firemaking cape Firemaking cape or Firemaking cape (t) Firemaking hood
Fishing cape Fishing cape or Fishing cape (t) Fishing hood
Fletching cape Fletching cape or Fletching cape (t) Fletching hood
Herblore cape Herblore cape or Herblore cape (t) Herblore hood
Magic cape Magic cape or Magic cape (t) Magic hood
Mining cape Mining cape or Mining cape (t) Mining hood
Prayer cape Prayer cape or Prayer cape (t) Prayer hood
Ranging cape Ranging cape or Ranging cape (t) Ranging hood
Runecraft cape Runecraft cape or Runecraft cape (t) Runecrafting hood
Slayer cape Slayer cape or Slayer cape (t) Slayer hood
Smithing cape Smithing cape or Smithing cape (t) Smithing hood
Thieving cape Thieving cape or Thieving cape (t) Thieving hood
Woodcutting cape Woodcutting cape or Woodcutting cape (t) Woodcutting hood
Hunter cape Hunter cape or Hunter cape (t) Hunter hood
Quest point cape Quest point cape or Quest point cape (t) Quest point hood
Achievement diary cape Achievement diary cape or Achievement diary cape (t) Achievement diary hood
Music cape Music cape or Music cape (t) Music hood
Spotted hunting cape Spotted cape
Spottier hunting cape Spottier cape
Max cape Max cape Max hood
Infernal cape Infernal cape
Champion's cape Champion's cape
Imbued Saradomin cape Imbued saradomin cape
Imbued Guthix cape Imbued guthix cape
Imbued Zamorak cape Imbued zamorak cape
Mythical cape Mythical cape
Xeric's guard Xeric's guard
Xeric's warrior Xeric's warrior
Xeric's sentinel Xeric's sentinel
Xeric's general Xeric's general
Xeric's champion Xeric's champion
Sinhaza Shroud Tier 1 Sinhaza shroud tier 1
Sinhaza Shroud Tier 2 Sinhaza shroud tier 2
Sinhaza Shroud Tier 3 Sinhaza shroud tier 3
Sinhaza Shroud Tier 4 Sinhaza shroud tier 4
Sinhaza Shroud Tier 5 Sinhaza shroud tier 5
  1. Only one cape of this type can be stored.


  • The cape rack cannot store any of the basic coloured capes.
  • Any untrimmed skill capes put on the cape rack will become trimmed when taken out after you get 99 in another skill.

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