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Captain Kalt is a member of the Shayzien Guard, and is found in the centre of the Wintertodt Camp. Players can speak to him to check the number of times they've subdued the Wintertodt, their lifetime score, and highest score. He owns a pet wintertoad that wanders around the camp.

He has been a soldier since he was a boy, and had earned the rank of Captain a few years back. Despite that, he is not particularly fond of "babysitting delusional wizards", referring to Ignisia and the pyromancers.


  • Captain Kalt: Hello there.
  • Player: Tell me about the Wintertodt.
    • Captain Kalt: Ignisia claims it's some kind of evil spirit.
    • Player: You don't believe her?
    • Captain Kalt: Nah, I believe in things I can stab and kill. This is all just a storm in a teacup. I mean, how can wind and snow be evil? My toad is more of a threat!
    • Player: Your... toad?
    • Captain Kalt: Yeah, just a bit of fun, I have a pet - he's around here somewhere, assuming that troublesome cat hasn't eaten him.
    • Player: That's a bit weird, but okay.
    • Captain Kalt: No weirder than being scared of snow.
  • Player: Tell me about yourself.
    • Captain Kalt: I'm Captain Kalt, proud member of the Shayzien Guard.
    • Player: How long have you been a guard?
    • Captain Kalt: Man and boy I've worn the uniform. Earned Captain a few years back and never looked back. Not too happy about babysitting delusional wizards though. But Orders is Orders.
  • Player: Tell me how I'm doing.
    • Captain Kalt: Ignisia appears to be quite happy with you.
    • Chatbox displays amount of times you have subdued the Wintertodt, your lifetime score, and your highest score.


  • He is a reference to the Game of Thrones series character Jon Snow, as indicated by his examine text which is a reference to a popular quote in the show, "You know nothing Jon Snow", further evidenced by Kalt in his name, which in German means cold. His appearance is also similar.