Captain Kilian chathead

Captain Kilian is a Shayzien House engineer who is looking through some designs while Captain Babacus and Captain Salara decide what else is needed in the designs.

If players attempt to climb the stairs, she will stop players from doing so, as Lord Shayzien does not wish to be disturbed.

Shayzien House strategist table

The three captains strategising on a large table.


  • Captain Kilian: What brings you here?
  • Player: Curiosity. What are you doing?
    • Captain Kilian: I'm just leafing through some designs, waiting for the others to decide what's needed. It's taking them a while, but there's sure to be some engineering involved in whatever they decide.
    • Player: Okay, thanks.
  • Player: Just wandering around, really.
    • Captain Kilian: You do realise this is a military installation, right? Tourists are generally not welcome.
  • Player: Oh, right.

If players attempt to climb up the stairs in the building:

  • Captain Kilian: Halt! Lord Shayzien does not wish to be disturbed.

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