Captain Rachelle chathead

Captain Rachelle is an NPC who resides in a camp east of Lizardman Canyon. She leads the guards in the camp.

Players who speak to her will learn that the camp is the defence against the lizardmen, and that the location was strategically decided by Lord Shayzien.


  • Captain Rachelle: Attention! Front and centre!
  • Player: Yes Ma'am!
  • Captain Rachelle: I have to ask you to get back from here sir/ma'am.
  • Player: Why is that then? What if I want to stand here?
  • Captain Rachelle: We have manipulated the landscape to our advantage in the fight against the lizardmen.
  • Captain Rachelle: If it wasn't for us, the lizardmen would have invaded all of Great Kourend by now. It was a genius strategic decision by the honourable Lord Shayzien.
  • Player: I'm a very strong adventurer, would I be able to help out in the battle?
  • If the player has less than 5% favour with the Shayzien House:
    • Captain Rachelle: No! We would never trust a stranger in the importance of a battle! A lot is at stake <player name>
    • You do not have enough favour with the Shayzien house. Current favour: <current favour in %> - Required: 5.0%
  • If the player has at least 5% favour with the Shayzien House:
    • Captain Rachelle: You may. You can find access into the canyon from inside the Shayzien district. Hopefully one day, we will be able to open up the gates of Great Kourend once more.

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