Captain Rimor chathead

Captain Rimor is found at the entrance of the Chambers of Xeric, warning the player about the dangers within.

Players who complete certain amounts of the Chambers of Xeric in Challenge Mode may speak to Captain Rimor to receive a cape:

Cape Completion count required
Xeric's guard Xeric's guard 100
Xeric's warrior Xeric's warrior 500
Xeric's sentinel Xeric's sentinel 1,000
Xeric's general Xeric's general 1,500
Xeric's champion Xeric's champion 2,000


  • Captain Rimor: Beware the Chambers of Xeric, adventurer.
  • Captain Rimor: These dungeons and the perils within them are unique. You will encounter both dangerous and mysterious creatures here.
  • Captain Rimor: Remember that you may be kicked out at any time - any items dropped on the ground will be lost inside.
  • Captain Rimor: Do not allow your curiosity to get the better of you.
  • Player: Thanks for the warning.


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