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Captain Sdiar is a Shayzien House captain found overseeing the operations at the Shayziens' Wall.

When initially asked before Chambers of Xeric was released, she told the player that she was planning an assault on a lizardman settlement past the wall, and that it would be a while before it began. Later on, when the Chambers of Xeric were released, she was upset to find that the Varrock Museum and the Arceuus House decided to send an expedition to Mount Quidamortem, she opened the wall and expressed displeasure with the expedition.



  • Player: What's going on here?
  • Captain Sdiar: Beyond the reaches of the city is lizardman territory. We're here to keep them from entering Kourend.
  • Captain Sdiar: We used to keep this passage properly barricaded shut, but now the fancy historians from the Arceuus library want to go exploring out there.
  • Captain Sdiar: Their history essays won't be much comfort if our citizens get slaughtered by a lizardman invasion. But that's the problem with intellectuals - they always think they know better.
  • Captain Sdiar: Anyway, maybe they'll all get themselves killed. Then we can put the barricade back up.
  • Captain Sdiar: If you go out there yourself, give the lizardmen a kicking from me. They've killed too many of my soldiers.

Before raids release

  • Player: What's going on here?
  • Captain Sdiar: Beyond these walls is a Lizardman settlement, we're defending against it.
  • Player: Why do they hate humans?
  • Captain Sdiar: Who knows, all I know is offence is the best type of defence, we will attack soon, will you help us, brave warrior?
  • Player: I don't know... Sounds dangerous.
  • Captain Sdiar: Oh, the assault is not for a while, go train and prepare, for there will be all sorts of grand rewards from this expedition.
  • Player: Rewards? I'm in! Hopefully some brand new armour or something.
  • Captain Sdiar: Hmm...


  • Her name, Sdiar, spelled backwards is raids, which is known by players as the Chambers of Xeric.
  • The dialogue mentioning the armour is a reference to the fact that high-tier armour for all three attack styles were polled three times as a raids reward and failed.