Carl chathead

Carl is the barkeep for the Rat & Bat pub in the town of Slepe.

According to him, the previous barkeep had to leave due to his fear of being infected by the plague and turning into a sleeper.


  • Player: What ales are you serving?
  • Carl: We serve Crombwick's finest Bloody Bracer, that is all.
  • Player: Sounds rough, how much?
  • Carl: 99 of you finest coins.
  • Player: Alright, one Bloody Bracer, if that's all you have.
    • If players have less than 99 coins:
      • Carl: I said 99 coins! You haven't got 99 coins!
      • Player: Sorry, I'll come back another day.
    • If players have at least 99 coins:
      • Player: Thanks, Carl.
  • Player: 99 coins? That's ridiculous!
    • Carl: What can I say? The ingredients are locally sourced so it's high quality, I promise.
    • Player: Well, I guess I shouldn't shoot the messenger.
    • Carl: So...
    • Remaining dialogue options are shown.
  • Player: What can you tell me about this town?
    • Carl: I've not been here long myself, so I'm afraid I may not be of much help.
    • Player: What happened to the previous barkeep?
    • Carl: Oh, he had to leave.
    • Player: How come?
    • Carl: Scared of turning.
    • Player: Turning?
    • Carl: Yes, into a sleeper.
    • Player: Oh right! You see, for a second there I thought you were talking about vampyres.
    • Carl: Ha ha! We, er, don't see many of those types around here. No, no, not at all.
    • Player: ...If you say so.
    • Carl: I do. So...
    • Remaining dialogue options are shown.
  • Player: Actually, I'm no longer thirsty.
    • Carl: Oh, the red thirst will be upon you soon.
    • Player: Excuse me?
    • Carl: Just a jest, traveller.
    • Player: Oh.

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