Carnillean armour detail

Carnillean armour is dropped by Alomone only during Ceril's side of the Hazeel Cult quest. It is possible to get multiple armour pieces by killing Alomone, waiting for him to respawn and then dropping the Carnillean armour and killing Alomone again. Carnillean requires a defence level of 1 to wear but is worse than an iron platebody. Some mages or archers may wish to use Carnillean armour due to it not lowering magic or ranged attacks. This piece of armour will not interfere with Ava's devices.


  • Due to the platebody lacking a negative attack bonus in range/mage, it's regarded by pures as a useful alternative to the iron platebody.
  • The Carnillean armour is identical to red decorative body from Castle Wars.
    • One can also note that the examine of the Carnillean armour reads "Decorative armour." In turn, the examine text for red decorative armour is "Very decorative armour.".

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