Castle Drakan

The dark castle that looms over Meiyerditch.

Castle Drakan is the home of Lord Drakan, the vampyre lord of Morytania. Found just north of Meiyerditch, it looms over the Sanguinesti region and reminds all that are trapped there of the vampyres' dominance. Currently, only four inhabitants can be seen walking inside the walls; three Vyrewatch and a Vampyre juvenile.

Castle Drakan cannot currently be accessed by players due to the walls that surround it. There are also waste pipes leaking strange liquid to the swamp, which may be related to the affliction which has infected the citizens of Mort'ton.

Location on World Map
The Hollows Castle Drakan Darkmeyer

In the quest Darkness of Hallowvale the player must assist Safalaan Hallow, a member of The Myreque in drawing the castle from the north, west and south. Also below the castle walls at a certain point of drawing the castle, players see a cutscene with Vanstrom Klause speaking to Lord Drakan's relatives and a juvinate.


Some houses can be seen east of the Castle.

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