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Cat (Wintertodt Camp) chathead.png

The cat is found wandering around the Wintertodt Camp, attempting to catch the wintertoad.

Players who speak to it using a catspeak amulet will find it offering them a mouse, half dead bird, and crunched up spider, to which the player refuses. It then asks for a cooked tuna from the player.

If you have a tuna in your inventory, you will get a dialogue to either give the cat the Tuna or keep it for yourself.


  • Without catspeak amulet
    • Cat: Meow.
  • With catspeak amulet
    • Player: Hello puss.
    • Cat: Want a mouse?
    • Player: No thanks.
    • Cat: Want this half dead bird?
    • Player: Errrr... no.
    • Cat: Want this crunched up spider?
    • Player: Um... not really.
    • Cat: Oh well. Got any tuna?
    • If the player has no tuna in their inventory:
      • Player: No.
      • Cat: Hmmmph.
    • If the player does have tuna in their inventory:
      • Player: Why yes I do have some tuna.
      • Cat: Give! *purr*
      • If the player gives the tuna:
        • You give some tuna to the cat. It devours it and purrs loudly.
        • Cat: Catch toad for me.
        • Player: What? I think not...
      • If the player does not give the tuna:
        • Player: Nah... my tuna.
        • Cat: Hissss...