The Central Fremennik Isles mining site (also known as Neitiznot Runite Mine) is a small mine on an island north-east of Neitiznot in The Fremennik Isles accessible by crossing the two north-easternmost bridges from Neitiznot. On the way to the mine, players will have to go past several aggressive Ice trolls.

The mine is mostly used due to having the rare runite ore rock. Players often use world switching here to collect more runite ore rather than waiting 12 minutes for the rock to respawn. This is one of only twelve runite rocks in Gielinor.

Seven coal rocks may also be mined here, allowing those who have chosen to do so to mine the runite rock, to then mine coal and Superheat each ore as they world-hop for more runite ores.

The nearby town of Neitiznot also has a bank.

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