Certificate is an item obtained during the Shield of Arrav quest. It is made by using the two half certificates together. Both halves of the certificate is obtained from Curator Haig Halen. However, the player can only obtain one half; while the other is obtained from a player from the opposite gang.

When brought to King Roald, the player will complete the quest and receive 600 coins as a reward.

The certificate is written by the curator of the Varrock Museum to verify that the player has returned the Shield of Arrav to the museum of Varrock. The reward is in accordance with the proclamation laid down by King Roald II in the Year 143 of the Fifth Age, when the shield was stolen by the Phoenix Gang.


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The bearer of this certificate has brought both halves of the legendary Shield of Arrav to me, Haig Halen, Curator of the Varrock Museum. I have examined the shield and am satisfied as to its authenticity. I recommend to his majesty, King Roald III, that the bearer is rewarded as per Proclimation 252 of the year 143 in the 5th age, by King Roald II.
— The text of the full certificate


  • Destroy is one of the right-click options (drop is not available). If you choose to destroy the complete certificate, you can go back to your respective gang and get another shield half part
  • The full certificate used to be tradeable, and could be given to someone who just started the quest, then that person could give it to the King and complete the quest without doing anything.

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