Ceto chathead

Ceto is an NPC in the underwater section of Fossil Island. She allows the player to enter a fishing zone to catch fish shoals provided they have a drift net. She will also take 200 numulites to allow the player to enter a instanced zone of fishing for a whole day, or 20,000 for permanent access.

She has a niece named Annette, who is found inside the fishing zone.


Ceto will randomly say these quotes.

  • I'm kraken me up.
  • Why so sea-rious?
  • Who needs friends when you have anemones?
  • Twolegs are so shellfish.
  • Oh the huge-manatee.


  • Her Why so sea-serious? pun is a popular reference to a line from The Joker from the film The Dark Knight where he says Why so serious?.
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