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The Chambers of Xeric's Challenge Mode is a Chambers of Xeric raid with increased difficulty. Here, players will encounter all possible bosses and rooms within the Chambers, with their combat stats increased. All the monsters within possess no new mechanics.

In order to attempt a Challenge Mode raid, party leaders must select the "Challenge Mode" box when forming a party.

Unlike the normal raid, a Challenge Mode raid is linear and contains three levels of rooms rather than the two normal levels that are randomly generated, with the final boss being the Great Olm:

The same setup used in normal raids can be used in challenge mode. However, a lockpick is highly recommended, as it will significantly speed up time in the thieving room, which is critical when aiming for metamorphic dust.


While the loot players may receive from defeating the Great Olm in Challenge Mode is the same as that of a normal mode raid, the points player will earn throughout the raid is much higher than normal. In addition, completion count for the Chambers of Xeric's Challenge Mode is counted separately from the normal raid.

Players who complete the Challenge Mode raid within a set amount of time will have a 1/400 chance of receiving metamorphic dust, which can be used on an olmlet to allow it to metamorphose into Tektiny, Vespina, a mini vanguard, a puppadile or Vasa Minirio. Only one metamorphic dust is required to obtain the ability to metamorphose an olmlet into all other five pets. In addition having a chance at metamorphic dust, completion of a Challenge Mode raid within the required time will also yield an additional 5,000 points; however, this does not affect the chance of obtaining a unique drop.

The time required for both of these benefits are as follows:

Number of players Completion time required
1 1 hour 10 minutes
2 1 hour 5 minutes
3 50 minutes
4 45 minutes
5-10 42 minutes
11-15 45 minutes
16-23 1 hour
24+ 1 hour 20 minutes

In addition, completing a certain amount of Challenge Mode raids will grant players certain capes by speaking to Captain Rimor by the Chamber's entrance. The overall designs of the capes will have more elements added to them as players continue to complete more Challenge Mode raids.

Cape Completion count required
Xeric's guard.png Xeric's guard 100
Xeric's warrior.png Xeric's warrior 500
Xeric's sentinel.png Xeric's sentinel 1,000
Xeric's general.png Xeric's general 1,500
Xeric's champion.png Xeric's champion 2,000

A score board can be found outside the entrance to the chambers listing the bests of the current world in addition to a global best. This scoreboard is manually updated each time the game is introduced for team sizes.