Charge is a spell used to empower the god spells from the Mage Arena. Unlike the god spells themselves, which only require level 60 Magic to cast, charge requires level 80 Magic. When cast, the player becomes imbued with magical power, and for the next six minutes (600 game ticks) god spells will deal up to 30 damage per cast, instead of the usual 20. Charge can only be cast once every 60 seconds (100 game ticks), preventing players from gaining Magic experience at an incredible rate.

Because the god spells only require level 60 Magic to cast, players can use a level-boosting potion once to cast charge, and then be able to use the god spells in a prolonged fight as low as level 76 Magic.

Note: you need to claim a staff from the Chamber guardian before you can cast this spell, even if you intend to use a Staff of the dead, Staff of light or Void mace. Also, you must be wearing the respective god cape for the charge effect to work.


Spell cost
3Fire rune3Blood rune3Air rune828
Combo runes
3Fire rune3Blood rune3Dust rune822
3Blood rune3Air rune3Lava rune825
3Blood rune3Smoke rune936
3Blood rune3Air rune3Steam rune1,095
3Fire rune3Blood rune3Mist rune999
3Fire rune3Blood runeStaff of air813
3Fire rune3Blood runeMist battlestaff813
3Fire rune3Blood runeDust battlestaff813
3Blood rune3Air runeTome of fire813
3Blood runeStaff of airTome of fire798
3Blood rune3Air runeLava battlestaff813
3Blood rune3Air runeSteam battlestaff813
3Blood runeMist battlestaffTome of fire798
3Blood runeDust battlestaffTome of fire798
3Blood rune3Air runeStaff of fire813
3Blood runeSmoke battlestaff798