Charge Air Orb is cast on the Air Obelisk above Edgeville Dungeon, turning an unpowered orb into an air orb.

Using an air orb on a battlestaff makes an air battlestaff. This requires 66 Crafting and gives 137.5 Crafting experience.

One lap charges 27 unpowered orbs and uses 81 cosmic runes, and takes approximately 185 seconds. It is possible to gain up to 40,000 Magic experience per hour using the charge air orb spell.

Recasting the spell on the obelisk as soon as an orb has been charged can cancel the cooldown animation, improving the speed at which orbs can be charged by up to 3 ticks, effectively cutting the time spent to charge an orb by 1/3.

This method involves going into level 7 Wilderness, so players may be attacked by other players within 7 combat levels of them.

Charging an Air Orb is a Hard Task for the Wilderness Diary.


Spell cost
30Air rune3Cosmic rune687
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune30Dust rune627
3Cosmic rune30Smoke rune2,337
3Cosmic rune30Mist rune3,147
3Cosmic runeStaff of air507
3Cosmic runeMist battlestaff507
3Cosmic runeDust battlestaff507
3Cosmic runeSmoke battlestaff507

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