Charlie Brown chathead

Charlie Brown is a non-player character located in the Hosidius House, up the ladder in the House's small church to the south. When spoken to he will reveal that he has journeyed to Great Kourend in search of luck and fortune, and wears monk's robes to keep him holy when praying to Arengeesus, the Goddess of Luck.

He claims those who praise Arengeesus enough to get her attention are rewarded with luck on the adventures of those who praise her. The player then attempts to refute the statement by claiming hard work is all that's needed, but Charlie Brown believes that perhaps working hard is a form of praise to Arengeesus.


  • Player: Hello! Who are you?
  • Charlie Brown: Hello! The name's Charlie Brown and I've just arrived in Kourend.
  • Player: Nice to meet you Charlie, my name is <player name>. What are you doing here?
  • Charlie Brown: I've come to Kourend in search of luck, <player name>. I seek many fortunes and as you know you need luck to find fortune!
  • Player: If you're searching for luck, why are you dressed as a monk?
  • Charlie Brown: Ah these robes keeps me holy, I must remain holy when praying to the God of Luck, <player name>.
  • Player: God of Luck? I don't think I've heard of such a God...
  • Charlie Brown: Ah, would you perhaps allow me to enlighten you?
  • Player: Sure.
    • Charlie Brown: Arengeesus, God of luck. We do not know much about her or where she comes from, we just know she is there looking over us.
    • Charlie Brown: Those who praise Arengeesus enough to get her attention are rewarded. She will gaze down upon you providing you with luck on your adventures.
    • Player: That sounds a little farfetched to me, luck isn't a thing. Hard work is all you need.
    • Charlie Brown: Perhaps working hard is merely a form of praise to the God of luck, <player name>.
    • Player: Hmmm... well good luck Charlie. Good bye!
    • Charlie Brown: Farewell <player name>, may Arengeesus shine down upon you.
    • Player: And you!
  • Player: Maybe another time, I must be going.
    • Charlie Brown: Very well, farewell.


  • Upon release he was located in the Piscarilius House port near Melvin and Andrea, and was relocated the next day to his current location.
  • The deity Charlie Brown worships, Arengeesus, is a denomination based on the phrase Praise RNGesus, which is often said by people in situations that are determined largely by luck, chance, or randomness in online games. It is derived from RNG, which means "random number generator."
  • Despite referring to Arengeesus as the "God of Luck", deities who are female are usually referred to as a goddess.

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