The Chemist's House is on the western side of Rimmington. The following features can be found here:

  • The chemist lives here, and can be consulted for various quests.
  • A Lamp oil still on a table in the east of the house.
  • A Fractionation still just outside.
  • Three delivery men outside; Da Vinci, Hops and Chancy, who play a part in the Biohazard quest.
  • Several bookshelves, which contain (unreadable) books with the following titles :
    • 'A Beginner's Guide To Blowing Things Up' by Herbert 'Banger' Mcgree
    • 'Magicks Most Destructive' by *D (Wise Old Man)
    • 'The Pursuit of the Elixir of Life' by Jorg W. Kiln
    • 'The Hooded Arts of Natural Philosophy' by Hermes Bimegistus
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