Chief Tess chathead.png

Chief Tess is the chieftain of the Corsair Cove Dungeon.

When spoken to, she will reveal that she is planning to expand her settlement to the surface. This foreshadows the village of Oo'glog, along with the quest As a First Resort, that was released on 29 January 2008.


  • Chief Tess: What you want, skinny creature?
  • Player: What is this place?
    • Chief Tess: Dis our home. It comfy, though we thinking of maybe getting more space up on land, above. But silly Corsair men live up there an' think dey own whole place.
    • Chief Tess: Maybe one day dat gonna change. Tess got plans.
    • Player: Thanks.
  • Player: I'll leave you alone, sorry.


  • Chief Tess's name is a play on the word "chieftess", literally meaning a female chief.

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