This article is about the explosive Ranged weapon. For the Hunter creature, see Chinchompa (Hunter).
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Chinchompas are multi-target stackable Ranged weapons requiring level 45 to wield. Chinchompas can be obtained by box trapping grey chinchompas in the Piscatoris Hunter area. This requires 53 Hunter, and will give the player 198.4 Hunter experience per catch. To use chinchompas in combat, they must be wielded in the weapons slot. Chinchompas are thrown like darts or throwing knives; however, they explode on impact. They can hit any amount of targets in a 3x3 area. They cannot be picked up again from the ground after being thrown and Ava's attractor does not return them. Throwing a chin at a group determines the hit for the whole group, if the chin hits a 0 on one member of the group, it will hit a 0 on all of them, if it hits a 10 on one member, it will hit within that range of all members of the group.

Note: If a player dies with chinchompas in their inventory or equipped, the chinchompas will disappear and cannot be retrieved. This is due to the fact that the chinchompa is a live animal, meaning it can run away.

Combat Style

CombatStyles chinchompa.png Combat style Type Experience
Short fuse Short fuse Ranged and Hitpoints
Medium fuse Medium fuse Ranged and Hitpoints
Long fuse Long fuse Ranged, Hitpoints and Defence

Chinchompa guide

Using chinchompas are a practical way of training Ranged and Hitpoints due to the fact that exp rates are based on DPS (damage per second). This causes high demand for them, and thus are generally expensive, but cheaper than their stronger counterparts, being the red and black chinchompas.

These are commonly used for training on Skeletons at Ape Atoll. The salve amulet (ei) works with chinning on undead creatures because chinchompas ignore the defence of the targets surrounding the primary target and only uses the primary target's defence in determining if you hit everyone or none.

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