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An escaping Chompy Bird

Chompy birds can only be killed when you have finished the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest and only if you are using the Ogre composite bow or Ogre bow with Brutal arrows or ogre arrows. Bloated toads must be used as bait to catch them. Bloated toads can be sucked up with Ogre bellows by the nearby swamp. When you kill a Chompy Bird, you will get a message which says: You scratch a notch on your bow for the chompy bird kill. After 30 kills, the player can wear Chompy bird hats.

When a Chompy dies, it will give you a corpse, which you can pluck to gain feathers. Doing this will also place a Raw chompy and some bones on the ground. A Chompy bird will escape after one minute if you fail to kill it.

The bird task assigned by Turael includes Chompy birds; while Chompys are a much slower kill on task than chickens players may wish to complete those tasks on Chompy Birds for progress towards diary goals with the bonuses the Slayer Helm provides.

Note: Using melee will not be suitable to kill them. They will get scared and run away from you if you get too close.

Completing various difficulties of the Western Provinces Diary will grant benefits when killing chompy birds:

  • Completing the easy tasks will grant a 25% chance of two chompy birds appearing.
  • Completing the medium tasks will grant a 50% chance of two chompy birds appearing.
  • Completing the elite tasks will grant a 100% chance of two chompy birds appearing.



100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones.png Bones 1 Always 89
Raw chompy.png Raw chompy 1 Always 1,825


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Chompy chick.png Chompy chick 1 Rare (1/500)[1] Not sold
  1. Only players who have completed the Western Provinces Diary are eligible to receive this drop.


  • When you kill it, there will still be a yellow dot on the minimap until you pluck it.
  • The chompy bird's appearance is near to that of the extinct dodo.
  • Upon reaching 4,000 kills, a player will have earned 160,000 Ranged experience which, coupled with the 30,000 one time experience bonus for reaching 4,000 kills, yields 190,000 Ranged experience and 40,000 Hitpoints experience for completing the chompy bird hunting.
  • Attempting to drop a bloated toad at the quest location after Big Chompy Bird Hunting is done will yield the message: 'Rantz doesn't like it when you chompy hunt on his turf. But you can hunt for chompys in the rest of the ogre area.'

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