Chopped onion detail.png

Chopped onion is a food item that players can make by using a bowl on an onion, with a knife in their inventory. Doing so grants no Cooking experience. Chopped onion is edible and when eaten, the message, "It's sad to see a grown man/woman cry" appears.

Chopped onion is much more useful after it has been cooked to make fried onions. Players can make these by using the chopped onion on a range or a fire. This requires level 42 Cooking, and gives 60 experience points.

More commonly, they are combined with fried mushrooms to create mushroom & onion at Cooking level 57, which does not grant any cooking experience but does produce one of the two final ingredients required to make the more desirable mushroom potato.

They can also be combined with tomatoes to create onion & tomato and then ugthanki meat to create a kebab mix. This does not give any cooking experience but gives 40 experience when used with pitta bread. This creates an ugthanki kebab.

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