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|name = Chores
|name = Chores
|image = [[File:Chores.png]]
|image = [[File:Chores.png]]
|release = 26 September 2005
|release = 26 September [[2005]]
|update = A Tail of Two Cats
|update = A Tail of Two Cats
|members = Yes
|members = Yes

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Chores detail

Chores is a quest item that players obtain from Bob the Jagex Cat as part of A Tail of Two Cats. It contains a list of five tasks that players must do for Unferth as part of the quest.

Each task is crossed off as the player completes it.

The five tasks are:

  • Tidy house - involves only making Unferth's bed by clicking on it
  • Warm human - involves using logs and a tinderbox on Unferth's fireplace
  • Feed human - involves using a chocolate cake and a bucket of milk on Unferth's table
  • Tidy human - involves using shears on Unferth to cut his hair
  • Tend garden - involves using a rake on Unferth's Farming patch, then growing four potato seeds in it; these do not require compost or water, but take approximately thirty minutes to grow


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Tidy house
Warm human
Feed human
Tidy human
Tend garden
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