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This is the quick guide for Client of Kourend.
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Start point Quest point icon Speak to Veos at the Piscarilius House port.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Will you help Veos handle a mysterious client?
Length Medium
Requirements None
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Getting started

  • To start, talk to Veos by travelling to the Piscarilius House port.
  • Ask if he has any quests for you. (Chat 31)
  • He will give you an enchanted scroll.
  • Use your feather on the enchanted scroll to get an enchanted quill.

Speaking to the store owners

  • You only need to ask if you can speak about their respective house, then choose "Why should I gain favour?"
  • Head north of Veos and talk to Leenz by the general store.


Client of Kourend reward scroll
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