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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Brother Kojo in the Clock Tower south of East Ardougne.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Help the confused Brother Kojo find the missing cogs and fix his watch tower. Search the dungeon using brawn and brains to correctly place the four cogs.
Length Short
Requirements The ability to run past level 53 Ogres
Items required A bucket of water or ice gloves

(An empty bucket next to a well spawns just east of the Clock Tower)

Enemies to defeat None


Starting out

  • To start, talk to Brother Kojo at the Clock Tower. (Chat 1)
  • Go down the ladder in the middle room.
  • Head through the passage to the north-east.

Note: Players cannot carry more than one cog at a time, regardless of colour.

Obtaining the red cog

  • Head through the south-eastern door.
  • Walk down the passageway until you see some Ogres.
  • Pick up the red cog.
  • Head back to the ladder.
  • Climb up to the ground floor[?] and use the red cog on the red spindle (located on the column beside the ladder).

Obtaining the blue cog

  • Go outside of the Clock Tower and head north-east to where Brother Cedric is.
  • Go down the ladder and go all the way south, then north.
  • Push the wall to get inside and pick up the blue cog.
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Head back inside and climb the stairs to the 1st floor[?].
  • Use the blue cog with the blue spindle.

Obtaining the black cog

  • Head through the north-eastern door in the basement and go as far east as you can, to the fire.
  • Use the bucket of water with the cog or simply wear your ice gloves to pick up the cog.
  • Head back to the ladder where you first entered. (do not climb up the ladder)
  • Use the black cog with the black spindle (on the column by the ladder).

Obtaining the white cog

  • Head through the north-western door.
  • Pick up the rat poison to the north west.
  • Go north east until you see two levers near the dungeon rats.
  • Pull the levers up to open the rat cage.
  • Use the rat poison with the food trough.
  • Wait until all the rats have died.
  • Head through the western gate.
  • Pick up the white cog and Climb-up the ladder.
  • Go inside and climb to the topmost floor.
  • Use the white cog with the white spindle.

Finishing off

  • Head back to Brother Kojo, and he will reward you.
  • Quest complete!


Clock Tower reward scroll

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