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Clue bottles are bottles that can be found while training Fishing. Opening them will destroy the bottle and leave players with a clue scroll of the same difficulty as the bottle given. Like clue scrolls, players can only have one of each type of clue bottle in their possession. If a player possesses a clue scroll of the same difficulty as the clue bottle, they will be unable to open the bottle until the clue scroll is no longer in their possession.

There are four types of clue bottles:


Like skilling pets, the rate of obtaining clue bottles are dependent on the player's fishing level and the type of fish the player is catching. A ring of wealth (i) will double the rate of clue bottles for fishing spots in the Wilderness.

Assuming the player reaches the "clue bottle table" while fishing, players will then have a 40% chance of it being an easy clue bottle, a 30% chance of it being a medium clue bottle, a 20% chance of it being a hard clue bottle, and a 10% chance of it being an elite clue bottle. If a player does already have other tiers of clue scroll in their possession, it does not increase the chance of getting the tier of clue scroll which they don't have yet [1]

The chance of obtaining a clue bottle of any difficulty is 1 in , where is the base chance and is the player's fishing level. For example, a player catching anglerfish at level 99 fishing will have a 1 in 395 chance of obtaining a clue bottle, with decimal values floored.

The table below displays the base chance of obtaining a clue bottle.

Fish Base chance
Leaping fish 1,280,862
Mackerel, cod, bass 1,147,827
Sardine, herring 1,056,000
Trout/salmon 923,616
Shrimps, anchovies 870,330
Karambwanji 443,697
Pike 305,792
Tuna, swordfish 257,770
Karambwan 170,874
Dark crab 149,434
Monkfish 138,583
Rainbow fish 137,739
Lobster 116,129
Sacred eel 99,000
Shark 82,243
Anglerfish 78,649