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|Dragon Slayer
|Required to wear Rune Platebody
|[[Recipe for Disaster]]
|[[Recipe for Disaster]]
|Required to show [[Falo the Bard]] [[Barrows gloves]].
|Required to show [[Falo the Bard]] [[Barrows gloves]].
|Great Brain Robbery
|Barrelchest Anchor.
|[[Mourning's Ends Part II]]
|[[Mourning's Ends Part II]]
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|Required for access to the [[Shadow Dungeon]].
|Required for access to the [[Shadow Dungeon]].
* Item requirements
==Item requirements==
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Clue scroll detail.png

clue scroll (master) is the highest tier of clue scroll.

Players can obtain a master clue scroll from the following methods:

  • With an easy, medium, hard and elite clue scroll, the player can give it to Watson at his house, who is located south of the estate agent at the Hosidius House.
  • As a potential reward from completing any easy, medium, hard or elite treasure trails, with the chances of obtaining them being 1/50, 1/30, 1/15, and 1/5 respectively.

Like elite and hard clue scrolls, master clue scrolls also have combat encounters. They include a Brassican Mage, Double agent or three Ancient Wizards (in multi-combat areas). As their tier suggests, master clues require a myriad of usually high-levelled items, requirements and quests in order to complete them.

Master clue scrolls can be between 6 and 8 steps long.

Types of clues

Please note that it is possible to receive the same clue more than once.


Skill requirements

Skill level Details
75 Attack icon.png Required to wield Godswords.
80 Agility icon.png Required to complete a lap of the Rellekka Agility Course.
72 Cooking icon.png Required to dissect a sacred eel.
87 Crafting icon.png Required to craft a light orb.
83 Farming icon.png Required to plant spirit saplings.
90 Firemaking icon.png Required to light redwood logs.
87 Fishing icon.png Required to fish a sacred eel.
81 Fletching icon.png Required to fletch rune darts.
87 Herblore icon.png Required to make anti-venom.
85 Magic icon.png Required to cast Fishing Guild Teleport or Reanimate Abyssal Creature
85 Mining icon.png Required to mine runite ore with full Prospector.
70 Ranged icon.png Required to wear black dragonhide armour
77 Runecrafting icon.png Required to runecraft blood runes.
88 Smithing icon.png Required to smith an adamant platebody or rune med helm.
85 Slayer icon.png Required to kill an abyssal demon.
85 Thieving icon.png Required to pickpocket an elf.
90 Woodcutting icon.png Required to cut a redwood tree with full lumberjack outfit.

Quest requirements

Quest Details
Recipe for Disaster Required to show Falo the Bard Barrows gloves.
Mourning's Ends Part II Gives access to the Death altar and the area around it.
Making History Required to talk to Jorral at his outpost.
Legends' Quest Required to wear the cape of legends.
Darkness of Hallowvale Required for access to Meiyerditch
Royal Trouble Required for access to the Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon.
Underground Pass Required for Iban's staff and for access to Iban's Temple.
Regicide Required for access to Port Tyras.
Desert Treasure Required for access to the Shadow Dungeon.

Item requirements

Item Requirements
Rune platebody 40 Defence and completion of Dragon Slayer
Abyssal whip 70 Attack icon.png Attack
Amulet of the damned Can be bought, acquired through the Shades of Mort'ton minigame
Arclight 75 Attack icon.png Attack, completion of Shadow of the Storm (to get Darklight)
Armadyl helmet 70 Ranged icon.png Ranged, 70 Defence icon.png Defence
Bandos boots 65 Defence icon.png Defence
Bandos godsword 75 Attack icon.png Attack
Barrelchest anchor 60 Attack icon.png Attack, 40 Strength icon.png Strength, completion of The Great Brain Robbery
Barrows gloves Completion of Recipe for Disaster
Brine sabre 40 Attack icon.png Attack, partial completion of Olaf's Quest (Ironmen only)
Cooking gauntlets Completion of Family Crest
Crystal bow 70 Ranged icon.png Ranged, 50 Agility icon.png Agility, completion of Roving Elves
Dragon chainbody 60 Defence icon.png Defence
Dragon defender 60 Defence icon.png Defence, access to Warriors' Guild
Dragon scimitar 60 Attack icon.png Attack, completion of Monkey Madness
Fire cape Defeat TzTok-Jad in the TzHaar Fight Cave
Greenman's ale (m) Can be bought, made with 29 Cooking icon.png Cooking through brewing
Iban's staff 50 Attack icon.png Attack, 50 Magic icon.png Magic, completion of Underground Pass
Infernal axe 61 Woodcutting icon.png Woodcutting, 85 Firemaking icon.png Firemaking
Mark of grace 10 Agility icon.png Agility
Rod of ivandis Completion of In Aid of the Myreque
Zamorak godsword 75 Attack icon.png Attack
Full white armour 10 Defence icon.png Defence, completion of Wanted!
Full lumberjack outfit 44 Woodcutting icon.png Woodcutting
Full angler's outfit 34 Fishing icon.png Fishing
Fighter torso 40 Defence icon.png Defence, Barbarian Assault
Shadow sword Completion of The General's Shadow

Rewards from master clues

As well as unique Treasure Trails rewards, players may also receive a variety of items such as weapons, and food items such as noted manta rays.

Image Name
Dragon platebody ornament kit.png Dragon kiteshield ornament kit.png Dragon defender ornament kit.png Anguish ornament kit.png Torture ornament kit.png
Occult ornament kit.png Armadyl godsword ornament kit.png Bandos godsword ornament kit.png Saradomin godsword ornament kit.png Zamorak godsword ornament kit.png
Ornament kits
3rd age axe.png 3rd age pickaxe.png 3rd age tools (along with all
other 3rd age items)
Lesser demon mask.png Greater demon mask.png Black demon mask.png Jungle demon mask.png Old demon mask.png Demon masks
Arceuus house hood.png Hosidius house hood.png Lovakengj house hood.png Piscarilius house hood.png Shayzien house hood.png Great Kourend house hoods
Samurai kasa.png Samurai shirt.png Samurai greaves.png Samurai gloves.png Samurai boots.png Samurai armour
Mummy's head.png Mummy's body.png Mummy's legs.png Mummy's hands.png Mummy's feet.png Mummy outfit
Ankou mask.png Ankou top.png Ankou's leggings.png Ankou gloves.png Ankou socks.png Ankou outfit
Hood of darkness.png Robe top of darkness.png Robe bottom of darkness.png Gloves of darkness.png Boots of darkness.png Robes of darkness
Ring of coins.png Ring of coins
Left eye patch.png Left eye patch
Obsidian cape (r).png Obsidian cape (r)
Fancy tiara.png Fancy tiara
Half moon spectacles.png Half moon spectacles
Ale of the gods.png Ale of the gods
Bucket helm (g).png Bucket helm (g)
Bowl wig.png Bowl wig
Bloodhound.png Bloodhound

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