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This article is about the clue scroll itself. For a list of monsters that can drop this clue scroll, see Clue scroll (medium)/Drop list.

Clue scroll detail.png

A clue scroll (medium) is a valuable random drop from a large variety of mid-levelled monsters. Clue scrolls are the start of a Treasure Trail - a treasure hunt that sends players hunting all around RuneScape. At the end of the hunt players receive a reward of items randomly selected from a specific list, possibly including very rare and very valuable items. For a guide on how to complete a clue scroll, see: Treasure Trails Guide. Medium clue scrolls are mostly easy to obtain and complete, and offer average rewards in return. The rewards can range from Mithril armour to Ranger boots.

Medium clue scrolls offer coordinate clues along with more complex puzzles than easy clues, and occasionally a monster ranging from a chicken to a Market Guard may be fought. They can take between 3 and 5 steps to complete.

Completion of medium clues will give a Casket (medium) containing the final reward for the trail. After completing 400 medium clues, the player will be awarded a clueless scroll.

It should be noted, that if a player dies in the Wilderness with a clue scroll in over 20 Wilderness it WILL DISAPPEAR whether it's a PvP death or not, unless it is an item kept on death, or if that player has a clue box. Players will find that the clue scroll will be gone upon returning to their loot otherwise. However, when dying in the Wilderness with a clue box, provided the player returns quick enough, will be able to loot their dropped clue scroll. In lower Wilderness however (lvl 20 or lower) in PvP death, the unprotected clue will stay on the ground for up to 1 hour. The same goes for reward caskets. If you die in lower Wilderness due to a monster you will always keep the clue whether protected or not.

A one-time medium clue scroll can be rarely obtained from feeding a monkey bananas. When this happens, a message appears in the player's chatbox saying "The monkey chews on the banana and spits out a clue!".

A medium clue scroll can be given to Watson along with an easy, hard and elite clue scrolls in order to receive a master clue scroll.

Types of clues

Please note that it is possible to receive the same clue more than once.


Skill requirements

Certain clues will require items that need a certain skill requirement in order to wear, wield or access. The table below shows the highest skill requirement, in order to complete every medium clue. Quest skill requirements are not noted in this table.

Skill level Details
Attack icon.png 30 Required to wield adamant weaponry.
Strength icon.png 15 Required to wield adamant halberd.
Defence icon.png 40 Required to wear green or blue d'hide body.
Ranged icon.png 50 Required to wear blue dragonhide armour.
Magic icon.png 40 / 66 if Ironman or 55 Slayer Required to wear Mystic robes.
Agility icon.png 35 Required to enter the Barbarian Agility Arena.

Quest requirements

Some clues require access to areas which may require quests. Some only require to start the quest in order to access the area.

Quest Details
Dragon Slayer Gives access to Green d'hide body and Crandor.
Horror from the Deep (Completion of quest not necessary) Gives access to the Lighthouse.
Biohazard Gives access to the Combat Training Camp.
The Tourist Trap (Completion of quest not necessary) Gives access to the Desert Mining Camp.
Sea Slug (Completion of quest not necessary) Gives access to Fishing Platform.
The Fremennik Trials Gives access to Miscellania.
Jungle Potion Gives access to Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai.
Creature of Fenkenstrain (Completion of quest not necessary) Gives access to Mausoleum.
Priest in Peril Gives access to Morytania.
Ironman: Regicide (Completion of quest not necessary) Gives access to the Quartermaster store to buy an adamant halberd.

Possible rewards

As well as unique Treasure Trails rewards shown below, players may also receive a variety of items such as adamant armour, adamant weapons, adamant pickaxes, adamantite nails, adamant crossbows, fire battlestaves, green d'hide bodies, green d'hide chaps, yew shortbows, swordfish, and lobsters.

Image Name
Mithril full helm (t).png Mithril platebody (t).png Mithril platelegs (t).png Mithril plateskirt (t).png Mithril kiteshield (t).png Mithril trimmed armour
Mithril full helm (g).png Mithril platebody (g).png Mithril platelegs (g).png Mithril plateskirt (g).png Mithril kiteshield (g).png Mithril gold-trimmed armour
Adamant full helm (t).png Adamant platebody (t).png Adamant platelegs (t).png Adamant plateskirt (t).png Adamant kiteshield (t).png Adamant trimmed armour
Adamant full helm (g).png Adamant platebody (g).png Adamant platelegs (g).png Adamant plateskirt (g).png Adamant kiteshield (g).png Adamant gold-trimmed armour
Ranger boots.png Ranger boots
Holy sandals.png Holy sandals
Wizard boots.png Wizard boots
Red headband.png Black headband.png Brown headband.png White headband.png
Blue headband.png Gold headband.png Pink headband.png Green headband.png
Headbands (Black, Red, Brown, Pink, Green, Blue, White, Gold)
Red boater.png Orange boater.png Green boater.png Blue boater.png
Black boater.png Pink boater.png Purple boater.png White boater.png
Boaters (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, White)
Green d'hide body (t).png Green d'hide chaps (t).png Trimmed green dragonhide armour
Green d'hide body (g).png Green d'hide chaps (g).png Gold-trimmed green dragonhide armour
Adamant helm (h1).png Adamant helm (h2).png Adamant helm (h3).png Adamant helm (h4).png Adamant helm (h5).png
Adamant shield (h1).png Adamant shield (h2).png Adamant shield (h3).png Adamant shield (h4).png Adamant shield (h5).png
Adamant heraldic armour (h1 to h5)
Black elegant shirt.png Black elegant legs.png White elegant blouse.png White elegant skirt.png Black/white elegant clothing
Purple elegant shirt.png Purple elegant legs.png Purple elegant blouse.png Purple elegant skirt.png Purple elegant clothing
Pink elegant shirt.png Pink elegant legs.png Pink elegant blouse.png Pink elegant skirt.png Pink elegant clothing
Gold elegant shirt.png Gold elegant legs.png Gold elegant blouse.png Gold elegant skirt.png Gold elegant clothing
Strength amulet (t).png Amulet of strength (t)
Adamant cane.png Adamant cane
Guthix mitre.png Guthix cloak.png Saradomin mitre.png Saradomin cloak.png Zamorak mitre.png Zamorak cloak.png Ancient mitre.png Ancient cloak.png Bandos mitre.png Bandos cloak.png Armadyl mitre.png Armadyl cloak.png Vestment mitres and cloaks (Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Zaros, Bandos, and Armadyl)
Ancient stole.png Ancient crozier.png Armadyl stole.png Armadyl crozier.png Bandos stole.png Bandos crozier.png Vestment stoles and croziers (Ancient, Armadyl, and Bandos)
Cat mask.png Cat mask
Penguin mask.png Penguin mask
Gnomish firelighter.png Gnomish firelighter
Crier hat.png Crier hat
Crier bell.png Crier bell
Crier coat.png Crier coat
Leprechaun hat.png Leprechaun hat
Black leprechaun hat.png Black leprechaun hat
Black unicorn mask.png Black unicorn mask
White unicorn mask.png White unicorn mask
Arceuus banner.png Hosidius banner.png Lovakengj banner.png Piscarilius banner.png Shayzien banner.png Great Kourend house banners
Cabbage round shield.png Cabbage round shield
Clueless scroll.png Clueless scroll


  • After the update of 18 June 2015 it is now possible to have one clue scroll of each tier at a time, while previously the player could not get any clue scroll at all until completing or dropping the current one in order to receive a new one of the same difficulty.