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Cockatrice head (mounted) chathead.png

A mounted cockatrice head can be built in the head trophy hotspot of the Skill Hall in a player-owned house. Upon building it, players will receive 224 Construction experience and 294 Slayer experience.

Players can only get a stuffed cockatrice head by killing Cockatrices, requiring 25 Slayer, until they drop a cockatrice head. Players must then take the head to the Taxidermist in Canifis, who will stuff it for 2,000 coins. Once mounted however, the head cannot be reclaimed. If players remove the mounted head, they will receive nothing back. Jagex has stated that this is because mounting the head rewards Slayer experience, and they did not want players to be able to train Slayer by removing and remounting the cockatrice head.


Another player's POH

  • Player: Hey, a cockatrice!
  • Cockatrice: <House owner's name> deaded me! That wasn't very nice!

In your POH

  • Cockatrice: You deaded me!
  • Player: Well, yes.
  • Cockatrice: What did you do that for?
  • Player: A slayer master told me to.
    • Cockatrice: Why do the slayer masters all pick on poor cockatrice?
    • Player: They pick on lots of other creatures too.
    • Cockatrice: Then mount one of them on your wall and let poor cockatrice rest in peace!
  • Player: So I could mount your head on my wall.
    • Cockatrice: Another cockatrice falls victim to the dreaded mirror shield!
    • Player: Don't take it personally! You look good on my wall!
    • Cockatrice: I don't care! I think I looked better with a body!
  • Player: I just wanted to.
    • Cockatrice: You dirty rotten swine, you!
    • Player: Steady on...
    • Cockatrice: I will kill you with my paralyzing-type magic eyes look!
    • Cockatrice: Dots appear in air between eyes and victim. Dot! Dot! Dotty!
    • Player: Er, nothing's happening...
    • Cockatrice: Concentrates mental power. Eyes narrow beak clenches veins on head stand out.
    • Cockatrice: Strain!
    • Player: You're dead, cockatrice. Your eyes are glass beads. It won't work.
    • Cockatrice: STRA-A-AIN!
    • Player: I think I'll leave you to it.