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Coenus is the captain of the Menaphite guard of Menaphos. He appears briefly during the Contact! quest, during a cutscene. Since Sophanem was quarantined as a result of several plagues Coenus has monitored the bridge that connects the cities, ensuring that the disease does not spread. His brutal methods have drawn some criticism, and he is a contemptible and hated man in Sophanem.

Recently, the people of Sophanem, led by the city's High Priest, attempted to treaty with the people of Menaphos and re-establish trade-links between the two cities once more, as it has been proven by an adventurer that the plagues were not contagious. The people of Sophanem also wanted to get to Menaphos to help many of their own people back to their city. However, upon approaching the blockade separating the two cities, the Priest's people were denied access by Coenus and his guards, all wearing face masks, and when they refused to stand down, Coenus' men opened fire and the men of Sophanem fled in terror, making contact impossible. He is not seen afterwards.

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