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The '''coin pouch glitch''' was a major [[glitch]] that occurred after a [[Update:Game Integrity: Pickpocketing|game update]] on 12 July [[2018]].
The code which handles death in game was changed in the update in order to accommodate the [[coin pouch]]{{CiteTwitter|author=Mod Ash|url=|quote=Someone was updating the death code to handle the new thieving pouches, and they kinda did it wrong.|date=12 July 2018}}, but was done incorrectly{{CiteTwitter|author=Mod Ash|url=|quote=Looks to me like someone was trying to write a check to avoid overflowing max int, and they did it very wrong.|date=12 July 2018}} and wasn't set up to handle stacks of other items{{CiteTwitter|author=Mod Ash|url=|quote=The death handling of the new pouch item wasn't set up to handle stacks of any other item.|date=12 July 2018}}, which caused certain items in a player's inventory to become a stack of 2,147,483,647 [[coins]]. {{WP|2,147,483,647#In computing|2,147,483,647}} is the maximum value a 32-bit signed integer can take, which is what data type ''RuneScape'' uses for item quantity.
[[Jagex]] immediately took action by taking the Old School [[server]]s offline on 11:54 a.m. (UTC) after announcing to do so five minutes earlier{{CiteTwitter|author=Old School RuneScape|url=|quote=We're turning Old School RuneScape off for a while whilst we investigate a potential issue. Apologies for any inconvenience, we'll return service as soon as we're able to!|date=12 July 2018}}, around 20 minutes after the update went live. Hours after the glitch occurred, Jagex announced they were performing restoration (a [[rollback]]) of the game.{{CiteForum|author = Mod Sween|url =|title = Old School RuneScape Status Update|forum = Old School RuneScape|postdate = 12 July 2018}}{{CiteGeneral|url=|author=Jagex|title=(12-July) Old School RuneScape Offline|date=12 July 2018|archiveurl=|archivedate=12 July 2018}}
After the rollback was finished and the servers were made online again, Jagex said they would be removing illegitimately acquired membership from [[account]]s that was from purchasing [[Old school bond|bonds]] via money produced from the glitch. They also said those who abused it would be [[ban|temporarily removed from the game]].
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