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Combat Room built

A player in a combat room, with a combat ring built.

The Combat room is a room in Player-owned house, that can be built with 32 Construction and 25,000 coins.

The main feature of this room is the combat arena, where a player can freely fight anyone within the arena without losing their items. If a player dies in the arena, they are simply teleported out of it to another place in the room.

There are three different types of hotspots that can be built upon:

  • Rings - Players can have various types of fights here.
  • Combat dummy - A dummy that players will always hit their max hit on.
  • Racks - Storage spaces that hold various weapons for the rings.
  • Decoration - Serves as decoration.


Rings Image Level Materials Experience
Boxing ring Boxing ring icon 32 6 Oak planks, 4 bolts of cloth 420
Fencing ring Fencing ring icon 41 8 Oak planks, 6 bolts of cloth 570
Combat ring Combat ring icon 51 6 Teak planks, 6 bolts of cloth 630
Ranging pedestals Ranging pedestals icon 71 8 Teak planks 720
Balance beam Balance beam icon 81 10 Teak planks, 5 steel bars 1000

Combat dummy

Combat dummies Image Level Materials Experience
Combat dummy Combat dummy icon 48 5 teak planks, 4 bolts of cloth, 5 buckets of sand 660
Undead combat dummy Undead combat dummy icon 53 Combat dummy, 1 black mask, 4 buckets of slime 220


Racks Image Level Materials Experience
Glove rack Glove rack icon 34 2 Oak planks 120
Weapons rack Weapons rack icon 44 2 Teak planks 180
Extra weapons rack Extra weapons rack icon 54 4 Teak planks, 4 steel bars 440


Decorations Image Level Materials Experience
Oak decoration Oak decoration icon 16 2 Oak planks 120
Teak decoration Teak decoration icon 36 2 Teak planks 180
Gilded decoration Gilded decoration icon 56 3 Mahogany planks, 2 gold leaves 1020

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