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{{Infobox Hunter
|name = Common kebbit
|image = [[File:Common kebbit icon.png]]
|release = 21 November [[2006]]
|update = HUNTER SKILL!
|level = 3
|exp = 36
|location = North Woodlands near [[Eagles' Peak (mountain)|Eagle's Peak]]
|trap = [[Noose wand]]
|retaliate = No
|loot = {{*}} [[Bones]]<br>{{*}} [[Raw beast meat]]<br>{{*}} [[Common kebbit fur]]
|examine = ''Cannot be examined''
'''Common kebbits''' are creatures that can be caught at level 3 [[Hunter]], using a [[Noose wand]], granting 36 [[experience]]. Common kebbits drop [[common kebbit fur]], which can be taken to the [[Varrock]] [[Fancy Clothes Store]] and turned into the [[Woodland camouflage gear]].
Are found in the eastern part of the [[Piscatoris Hunter area]]. Their burrows are south of the Razor-backed kebbit burrows which are west of the Piscatoris Hunter area and visible from where Matthias stands.
{{Hunter creatures}}

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