Commorb scan

A player scanning using the commorb.

The commorb is a members-only quest item obtained during the Wanted! quest from Sir Tiffy Cashien. It can contact someone named Savant inside it. Savant helps player during Wanted! and The Slug Menace.

Sir Tiffy will make you a Commorb for 10,000 coins or for one law rune, one enchanted gem, and one molten glass.

The Commorb can be upgraded after starting The Slug Menace quest to the Commorb v2.


The Commorb has several functions:

  • Scan - once in Canifis, you can use this to find Solus Dellagar
  • Contact - allows you to contact Savant
  • Use - just your normal, everyday "use" option
  • Playback - will give you your current and past assignments

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