Confuse is a low-level Magic spell. When cast on an opponent, their attack level is reduced by 5%. The spell gives experience whether it hits or misses, making it a popular way to gain experience cheaply. The spell can only be cast if his stats haven't already been lowered, meaning you can not stack stat reduction with multiple spells in a row.

The spell grants 13 Magic experience and requires three water, two earth, and one body runes to be cast.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells if you are using standard spells.


Spell cost
1Body rune2Earth rune3Water rune27
Combo runes
1Body rune3Water rune2Dust rune27
1Body rune3Mud rune643
1Body rune3Water rune2Lava rune27
1Body rune2Earth rune3Steam rune207
1Body rune2Earth rune3Mist rune303
1Body rune2Earth runeStaff of water12
1Body rune3Water runeStaff of earth19
1Body rune2Earth runeMist battlestaff12
1Body rune2Earth runeKodai wand12
1Body rune3Water runeDust battlestaff19
1Body runeMud battlestaff4
1Body rune3Water runeLava battlestaff19
1Body rune2Earth runeSteam battlestaff12

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