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Contact! is the 117th Link to Quests quest in Link to Old School RuneScape RuneScape, released on 10 January 2007.


Start point Speak to the High Priest of Icthlarin. Speak to the High Priest of Icthlarin.
Official difficulty Master
Description The High Priest of Icthlarin has problems again - this time with the inhabitants of Menaphos. Sophanem is recovering from the plague, yet most of its citizens are still trapped on the other side of the river. Diplomacy has failed and subterfuge beckons. Clearly, this is the sort of job that a shifty adventurer could excel in.
Length Medium
Items required
  • A light source (Kandarin headgear or a bruma torch are extremely recommended as they can't be extinguished by traps in the dungeon.)
  • A tinderbox (unless you use an inextinguishable lightsource - all lanterns are extinguishable) Bullseyes are the best extinguishable lightsource, they go out the least often


3 Nardah Teleports to get to Nardah much easier

Enemies to defeat Giant scarab (level 191)


Starting off

Travel to Link to Sophanem Sophanem and speak to the Chat head image of High Priest (Sophanem), File:High Priest (Sophanem) chathead.png High Priest in the western temple. He will tell you that they have been having problems getting in contact with their sister city of Link to Menaphos Menaphos.

Coenus and his men refuse to negotiate peacefully.

Talk to the priest and ask him about ways of getting into Menaphos. Ask about any dungeons, and he will direct you to Jex.

Talk to Chat head image of Jex, File:Jex chathead.png Jex, who is in the northeastern part of the city in a building with a broken altar. He will tell you how to access the dungeons beneath the building.

Go down a level and talk to the guard. He will sell you a Unlit torch.png torch for 200 Coins 1.png coins, and a Item image of %7B%7B%3Atinderbox%7D%7D, File:tinderbox.png tinderbox for 50 coins. A Item image of %7B%7B%3Abullseye+lantern%7D%7D, File:bullseye lantern.png bullseye lantern is a better choice because it will go out less often, but you must take your tinderbox into the dungeon. It is strongly recommended that you take good Link to food food, a tinderbox, a Link to Light sources light source, an Antipoison(1).png antipoison potion, and an emergency escape Link to Teleportation teleport such as the Item image of %7B%7B%3Aectophial%7D%7D, File:ectophial.png ectophial. Also, it is best not to bring any valuables in case of death.


A map of the Sophanem Dungeon.

Note: The dungeon under Link to Sophanem Sophanem is very dangerous, and Link to protection prayers protection prayers are strongly advised for protection from the monsters that patrol the dungeon.

Turn auto-retaliate off through the Link to Combat Combat tab, since it might cause you to waste some Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer points fighting back, and/or also cause you to run into a trap, if you're hit at an inopportune moment. Go down the trapdoor and follow the dungeon around until you get to the ladder north of the southwestern corner using the Link to Protect from Magic Protect from Magic prayer.

When following the route to the right, the player will only encounter Scarab mage.png scarab mages. Therefore, use Protect from Magic and keep auto-retaliate off.

If you have enough protection, this level could be a shortcut going from the north middle ladder (2) to the southwestern ladder (6). Then, go up, east, north, and west to the exit ladder.


The dungeon is ridden with various types of traps, which should generally be avoided or bypassed.

Image Description
Floor trap.png Floor trap - Spikes: Similar to the floor traps found in the Rogues' Den (but easier to see - "X" markings on floor), these can be avoided using Agility by selecting "Search floor". If you run over them, you will be hit for 14-17 hitpoints.
Odd markings.png Wall trap: Similar to the wall traps in Rogues' Den, these can be disabled by Thieving by selecting "Search Odd markings". If you run through them, you will be hit for 14-17 hitpoints.
Wall crusher.png Crusher Blocks: These are also found in the pyramid in Icthlarin's Little Helper. Simply, move diagonally carefully around them. If you run into them, you will be hit for around 8 hitpoints of damage. (NOTE: You can run through these without taking damage by just clicking past them with run enabled).
Sand pit.png Sand pits: Barely visible circles on the ground. If you step on these, the ground will crack open and a Scarab swarm will come out. This can be avoided by walking around the pit.
Scarab trap.png Scarab trap: Similar to the pits in Desert Treasure, these pits appear if you stand next to a wall spot with a scarab symbol on it. This will extinguish your light source and cause you to fall down to the bottom level.
Warning: Unless you have a piece of Link to Kandarin headgear Kandarin headgear or a bruma torch in your Link to inventory inventory, your Link to Light sources light source can be extinguished at any time. If this happens, use a Item image of %7B%7B%3Atinderbox%7D%7D, File:tinderbox.png tinderbox to light it again.

You will also encounter Scarab mage.png Scarab mages, Scarab swarm.png Scarab swarms, and Locust rider (ranged).png Locust riders. These can be very dangerous, and it is recommended you use Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer against these foes. Scarab swarms can Link to poison poison and will only appear if you step on a sand pit trap.

The ladders in the dungeon all lead to a much more dangerous second level of the dungeon. If you go down the wrong ladder or fall down a pit, you will be placed in the lower portion of the dungeon. There are level 98 and 106 locust riders and lots of Scarab mages. It is a Link to multicombat area multicombat area, and your Skill icon of hitpoints, File:hitpoints icon.png hitpoints will be reduced very quickly. Find a ladder and get out fast.

Kaleef's corpse

Once you have found the correct ladder, follow the passage around until you come to the corpse of Kaleef.png Kaleef. Search the corpse to get his Item image of %7B%7B%3AParchment+%28Contact%21%29%7D%7D, File:Parchment (Contact!).png notes, and read it afterwards.

Travel slightly west and speak to Chat head image of Maisa, File:Maisa chathead.png Maisa. Tell her you have helped rescue Chat head image of Prince Ali, File:Prince Ali chathead.png Prince Ali, who was being held in Link to Draynor Village Draynor Village, and that Chat head image of Leela, File:Leela chathead.png Leela assisted you. She will then trust you and tell you to speak to Chat head image of Osman, File:Osman chathead.png Osman, Spy Master of Link to Al Kharid Al Kharid.


Travel to Link to Al Kharid Al Kharid, go north of the palace and speak to Chat head image of Osman, File:Osman chathead.png Osman, try and convince him to come to Link to Sophanem Sophanem personally. Picking the "Drive a wedge between the two cities" option does the trick. Osman will then appear just outside the gates of Sophanem.

Osman sneaks into the temple after knocking Jex out.

Before travelling back, equip yourself for a big fight. Emphasis on good Link to food food, but a Prayer potion(1).png prayer potion may help as well. Don't forget your light source. Item image of %7B%7B%3ASuper+potion+set%7D%7D, File:Super potion set.png Super potion sets are highly recommended if you're using Link to melee melee, as the monsters hit 20+, and the scarab is very difficult to hit if it gets lucky. Link to Iban Blast Iban Blast and Link to Ice Rush Ice Rush spells are extremely effective.

Travel back to Sophanem. Osman will be just outside the gates. Talk to him again and suggest the secret entrance just north of the city. You will then see a Link to cutscene cutscene where Osman sneaks past Chat head image of Jex, File:Jex chathead.png Jex into the caves below.

The final battle

The Giant scarab manifests itself.

Talk to Jex for some humorous dialogue regarding his attack if you wish. Go back through the Link to Sophanem Dungeon Sophanem Dungeon to where you found the body of Kaleef.png Kaleef. As soon as you go down the ladder, you will see another Link to cutscene cutscene where a large beetle appears!

Make sure you're well prepared. If you die during the fight, all items lost on death will vanish, and there is no way to reclaim them!

Travel into the cave and fight the level 191 Giant scarab.png Giant scarab, which hits up to 20 with Link to melee melee and Ranged. It summons level 68 Locust rider (ranged).png Locust riders and Scarab mage.png Scarab mages (which can also do 9 damage with Link to poison poison) to aid it, which will attack the player at the same time. The riders will attack with Ranged or melee, and the mages will attack with Skill icon of Magic, File:Magic icon.png Magic, so you are being attacked by all three Link to combat style combat styles at once. It is recommended to defeat the magic-casters and rangers as soon as they spawn, but ignore the melee riders as your Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer makes them harmless.

If you're using melee, you will require pretty high stats (70 or better). Link to Protect from Melee Protect from Melee is recommended against the scarab, and having plenty of good Link to food food such as sharks is recommended, you may also need a prayer potion as the scarab has incredibly high defence and drags out the fight. Wearing Link to dragonhide armour dragonhide armour alongside mid-tier melee boots, gloves and helmet (dragon, Link to Neitiznot Neitiznot) will help protect against both Magic and Ranged - anything lower than this will lead to relying on good hits to win the fight. You should kill the ranger or mager as soon as they spawn, as more will continuously spawn throughout the fight. Simply hit the scarab in-between spawns.

A player fighting the Giant scarab.

If you're using Ranged, use a Item image of %7B%7B%3Arune+crossbow%7D%7D, File:rune crossbow.png rune crossbow with Broad bolts 1.png broad bolts or higher, or use a Item image of %7B%7B%3Acrystal+bow%7D%7D, File:crystal bow.png crystal bow. Anything lower will cause problems, due to the scarab's high Skill icon of Defence, File:Defence icon.png Defence. Use Link to Karil the Tainted's equipment Karil the Tainted's equipment or Link to black dragonhide armour black dragonhide armour, and use the Link to Safe spot safespot also listed in the mage tips below. Doing range any other way is not very effective in this battle. Use Link to Protect from Missiles Protect from Missiles, if you can not get to the safespot, try using the Scarab mage.png Scarab mage or the Locust rider (ranged).png Locust riders as obstacle to avoid melee damage.

If you're using Magic, there is a safespot in the northern part of the cave; so, hide there and use Link to Protect from Missiles Protect from Missiles. One may also safespot from the entrance, near Kaleef's corpse. The scarab is particularly weak to Link to earth spells earth spells. However, Link to mystic robes mystic robes and the Link to Iban Blast Iban Blast spell are also ideal; with this setup and the Link to protection prayers protection prayers, it is an extremely easy fight.

Once the scarab is defeated, another cutscene will happen where Chat head image of Osman, File:Osman chathead.png Osman is miraculously alive (he blended into the shadows). He talks to you then tells you to take the Item image of %7B%7B%3AKeris%7D%7D, File:Keris.png Keris blade on the floor, and then teleports away.

Go back to the Chat head image of High Priest (Sophanem), File:High Priest (Sophanem) chathead.png High Priest. If you have little food left, teleporting away and coming back via the Link to magic carpet magic carpets may be safer and probably faster than going through the dungeon again. He will confirm that Chat head image of Maisa, File:Maisa chathead.png Maisa was successful and reward you.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


Contact! reward scroll.png

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