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Start point Quest point icon Speak to the Cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle.
Official difficulty Novice
Description The Lumbridge Castle cook is in a mess. It is the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday and the cook is making the cake.

He needs a lot of ingredients and doesn't have much time.

Length Short
Requirements None
Items required
  • An empty pot (obtainable during the quest)
  • A bucket (obtainable during the quest)
  • An egg (obtainable during the quest)

Alternatively, bring a bucket of milk, a pot of flour, and an egg to skip a majority of the quest.

Enemies to defeat None


Getting started

Note: you can skip the intended process by bringing a pot of flour, a bucket of milk, and an egg with you and talking to the Cook again, completing the quest in seconds.

Obtaining the ingredients

  • Head to the Lumbridge cow field.
  • Use a bucket on one of the dairy cows.
  • Head to the chicken farm north-west of the cow field.
  • Take an egg from one of the spawns on the ground.
  • Head to the mill across the river from the chicken farm and pick some grain from outside.
  • Climb up to the top floor of the mill and use the grain with the hopper then pull the lever.
  • Climb back down and take the flour from the flour bin with an empty pot.

Finishing up

  • Report back to the cook.
  • Quest complete!


Cook's Assistant reward scroll

Required for completing

The completion of Cook's Assistant is a requirement to complete the following:

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