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The copper longtail is an orange bird that can be caught using the Hunter skill. The copper longtail's feathers are used in the same way normal feathers are. You must catch them by using a bird snare and have a Hunter level of 9.


A Copper Longtail being caught.

Copper longtail are located north of the Eagles' Peak (west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold). Once at Eagles' Peak go north until you reach the hunting symbol. Fairy ring code AKQ teleports the player within one click of the copper longtail area (southeast of fairy ring). The bank in the fishing colony to the north can be used to bank drops after completing Swan Song. Copper longtails can also be found east of Land's End in Zeah.


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The copper longtail is found in temperate wooded regions and is one of the most common birds in the world. Although its appearance is unremarkable it is a graceful and successful bird that continues to fend well for itself.

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