The Corsair Cove Resource Area is a small enclosure located north-east of the Myths' Guild. It is guarded by Haris, who will not allow players to enter until they have completed Dragon Slayer. The resource area contains various Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining resources.

Outside of the resource area to the south-west there is a campfire that can be used to cook any fish caught.

The area has a cave entrance which leads to the Corsair Cove Dungeon. The mining resources are guarded by aggressive ogresses.

Ogress Settlement mine

The mining rocks are in close proximity to aggressive ogresses.


Skill Resource(s)
Fishing icon Fishing 4 lobster/tuna/swordfish fishing spots
Mining icon Mining 5 coal rocks, 2 mithril rocks, 1 adamantite rock
Woodcutting icon Woodcutting maple trees, 3 yew trees

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