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Inside the Cosmic altar.

Outside the Cosmic altar.

Location on World Map
Shady grove Cosmic Altar Unknown

The Cosmic Altar may be found south of Zanaris near the shady grove. It is used to craft cosmic runes from pure essence, providing 8 Runecrafting experience.

Location of the Cosmic Altar

Strange fairy symbols found at the Cosmic rune altar.


As with most other runecrafting altars, it can be accessed via the Abyss. Players can also enter its ruins by using a cosmic talisman. Players can also simply click on the ruins while wearing a cosmic tiara.

There are two agility shortcuts that allow faster access, one requiring 46 agility for the medium shortcut, and 66 agility for the advanced shortcut. You will take four damage if you fail these shortcuts.


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Crafting 1 cosmic rune grants 8 experience.


A cosmic tiara may be created at this altar by having a cosmic talisman and a normal tiara in your inventory. The player must use the tiara on the altar. Doing so will earn 40 Runecrafting experience.

Music Unlocked

  • Stratosphere


  • The spheres that fly throughout the altar look like the Wind Blast spell.