Old School RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc.
Location on World Map
Dark Wizards' Tower
Entrana Crafting Guild Falador
Melzar's Maze
Crafting Guild Cows

The cows on the west side of the guild.

The Crafting Guild is located south-west of Falador and north of Rimmington. A Crafting level of 40 is required to enter the guild as well as wearing a brown or golden apron. A skills necklace or crafting cape may be used to teleport to the Crafting Guild. In addition, one can take a hot air balloon to a spot north/north-east of the Crafting Guild.

The Crafting Guild was originally available to members only, but was given to free users after a few months.

Ground floor

When a player enters the guild, they are greeted by one of the three Master Crafters walking around. If players talk to them, they will tell the players that "accomplished crafters come here to use our top notch workshops". The Crafting Cape of Accomplishment (skillcape) can be purchased from one of the Master Crafters.

The ground floor[?] contains various decorations, four potter's wheels for making unfired clay items, a pottery oven to harden the unfired clay items, a sink, a spiralled staircase leading to the 1st floor[?], and various items that respawn on desks and tables, including a jug, a chisel, a hammer, and an amulet mould. The table with the amulet mould also has a bracelet mould on it.

The east side of the ground floor[?] has a members only Bank Chest for players who have completed the hard Falador Diary or have level 99 Crafting. For accomplished skillers, this makes the Crafting Guild one of the best places to collect and bank gold ore, silver ore, clay, or leather.

It also contains a mine. In this mine, there are 7 gold rocks, 6 clay rocks, and 6 silver rocks. This mine holds the largest amount of gold ore, silver ore, and clay for free players, making it a fairly popular mine, causing the gold and silver rocks often to be empty.

The west side of the ground floor[?] also contains cows. This area does not require players to have 40 Crafting, meaning any player can fight the cows. Players can bring the cow hides to the tanner on the 1st floor[?] of the guild to have them tanned. They would then stock them in bank, sell in general store in Rimmington to the south, or simply drop them. Leather is considered by many the best way to train Crafting, and it also gives Combat experience for killing cows and Prayer for burying their bones (unless cowhides have been acquired some other way), Crafting experience for making leather or hard leather items, and money for selling these items.

First floor

The 1st floor[?] contains the Tanner who can tan cow hides and dragonhide into leather and dragon leather. On this floor there are also two spinning wheels to spin wool. There are several items that respawn on tables, including a ring mould, a tiara mould, a necklace mould, a bracelet mould, an amulet mould and a holy mould, as well as a pair of shears on a barrel.

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