Crystal is a material used by Elves. It can be shaped, formed and magically charged into weapons or other items with magical powers. There are two different forms of elf crystals: a Crystal seed and a Tiny elf crystal. Crystal seeds can be transformed by sufficiently skilled singers; the only known character who can do this is Ilfeen. Eluned near Lletya will charge a tiny elf crystal into an Elf teleport crystal.

Items made of crystal will lose power as they are used. Weapons and armour start with a "charge" of 2500; for every 250 uses, the piece of equipment degrades, decreasing it power. When the item completely degrades it will revert to a crystal seed. Items cannot be charged or traded until they are in this seed form. They are also tradeable immediately after recharging. Crystal equipment can be imbued, which prevents stat decreases when it degrades.

The following items are made of elven crystal:

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