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The Culinaromancer is the final boss in the Recipe for Disaster quest. He is, according to legend, an evil mage who draws his power from food. A hundred years ago, the Culinaromancer was a cook in Lumbridge Castle for Duke Horacio. He used the exotic and esoteric foodstuffs to which he had access to improve his magical power. In the quest Recipe for Disaster, he was sealed away by Franizzard Van Lumbcook, one of the Lumbridge Castle cook's forefathers, when he threatened to destroy a council that gets together for a feast every ten years. Eliminating the secret council would have been the first step in his plan for world domination.

He can be fought in the Nightmare Zone after the quest is complete.

Fighting the Culinaromancer

The Culinaromancer uses melee and magic, and has a low combat level of 75.

The Culinaromancer throws his books to create his food-based minions.

He should not be underestimated, despite his low combat level. He essentially has no defence, but has a staggering max hit of 25.


If you are a low level and want to avoid damage, you can run away from him and attack with ranged or magic; this way he won't be able to hit you if you keep your distance.

For this method, it is advised to bring a few energy potions.

Freezing or stunning him and attacking him with ranged or magic is also an option.