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The Culinaromancer's Chest is a special chest accessible to players during and after the Recipe for Disaster quest. It is located in Lumbridge Castle's cellar but is invisible until the player reaches the point in Recipe for Disaster where Gypsy Aris stops time, spawning multiple sub-quests. It has a bank, a food store that sells items for the Cooking skill, and a combat item store. The combat store sells metal gloves that act as armour and give offensive bonuses and Kitchen weaponry utensils, which act as analogues to increasingly powerful weapons.

As the player progresses through the quest, greater access to the chest is granted, with more items of food, better gloves, and more powerful utensils available for purchase.


​Food store

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Chocolate bar.png Chocolate bar 50 13 5 57
Tomato.png Tomato 50 5 1 64
Grapes.png Grapes 10 1 0 73
Pizza base.png Pizza base 1 5 1 311
Bucket of milk.png Bucket of milk 50 7 2 26
Pat of butter.png Pat of butter 10 5 1 69
Pie dish.png Pie dish 50 3 1 60
Bowl.png Bowl 50 5 1 25
Pot.png Pot 50 1 0 4
Bucket.png Bucket 50 2 0 6
Cheese.png Cheese 50 5 1 40
Cooking apple.png Cooking apple 50 1 0 153
Pot of flour.png Pot of flour 10 13 4 211
Egg.png Egg 50 5 1 28
Pot of cream.png Pot of cream 50 3 2 27
Spice.png Spice 50 299 96 92
Cake tin.png Cake tin 50 13 4 35
Jug.png Jug 50 1 0 4
Empty cup.png Empty cup 50 2 0 9

There are limits on the number of each item, and those limits rise as the player completes more phases of the Recipe for Disaster quest. Many stock items are limited to 10 items with completion of the full quest, but some are limited to slightly less or much more.

Items purchased from the store respawn over time until their limit is reached. The respawn time seems to be one of each item per minute for most items. However, some are slower: pizza base and spice respawn once every 5 minutes, grapes once every 6 minutes, chocolate bars once every 6 minutes 51 seconds, and flour once every 20 minutes 33 seconds.

Items store

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Hardleather gloves.png Hardleather gloves 10 65 N/A Not sold
Bronze gloves.png Bronze gloves 10 130 N/A Not sold
Iron gloves.png Iron gloves 10 325 N/A Not sold
Steel gloves.png Steel gloves 10 650 N/A Not sold
Black gloves.png Black gloves 10 1,300 N/A Not sold
Mithril gloves.png Mithril gloves 10 1,950 N/A Not sold
Adamant gloves.png Adamant gloves 10 3,250 N/A Not sold
Rune gloves.png Rune gloves 10 6,500 N/A Not sold
Dragon gloves.png Dragon gloves 10 130,000 N/A Not sold
Barrows gloves.png Barrows gloves 10 130,000 N/A Not sold
Wooden spoon.png Wooden spoon 10 45 N/A 60
Egg whisk.png Egg whisk 10 65 N/A 52
Spork.png Spork 10 422 N/A 271
Spatula.png Spatula 10 2,496 N/A 1,599
Frying pan.png Frying pan 10 2,158 N/A 1,309
Skewer.png Skewer 10 4,160 N/A 2,573
Rolling pin.png Rolling pin 10 18,720 N/A 18,647
Kitchen knife.png Kitchen knife 10 10,400 N/A 7,961
Meat tenderiser.png Meat tenderiser 10 53,950 N/A 30,638
Cleaver.png Cleaver 10 33,280 N/A 19,351

Metal gloves usable as armour can be bought from the chest. These gloves resemble the normal metal classes (bronze through dragon) plus Hardleather gloves and barrows gloves. The barrows gloves appear exactly like barrows equipment but do not have to be repaired like the gear. Higher tiered gloves will unlock as you progress through the quest.

Basic gloves are available after the first sub-quest is completed. The metal gloves are revealed one at a time as each member of the secret council is rescued. Finally, the Barrows gloves are unlocked by players who have fully completed the Recipe for Disaster final fight. The gloves bought from this store cannot be traded.

There is also a selection of kitchen weaponry, each of which have combat statistics equivalent from bronze to rune weapons. These are generally only used for show and jokes, but they are quite usable as weapons. Unlike the gloves, kitchen weaponry can be traded.