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Haig Halen is the Curator of the Varrock Museum. He can be found on the ground floor of the museum. When spoken to and asked about treasures for the player, he'll tell the player that this museum is "full of treasures" and that any treasure the museum found took some time to acquire.

You must speak to him after gaining at least 50 Kudos to complete one of the easy Varrock Tasks. He is also currently overseeing the construction of the Barge, which will require 100 Kudos to use in the future.


He must be pickpocketed during The Golem for a display key to the Statuette.

During the Shield of Arrav quest, he will hand you two halves of a certificate in exchange for the half of the Shield of Arrav. You then trade one of the halves to your friend so you and your friend can join both halves of the certificate together to claim the reward for returning the shield. Note that both of the two halves of the certificate are different.

During The Digsite quest, he stamps the Unstamped letter so that the player can take the exam at the Exam Centre. At the end of the quest, he gives you a Fruit Blast for something to drink or a Chocolate Cake for something to eat.

He starts the quest Bone Voyage, by informing the Adventurer of the discovery of Fossil Island and asking them to aid the Digsite team in the construction of their barge.

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