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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Dairy cow
|image = [[File:Dairy cow.png]]
|release = 4 January [[2001]]
|update = Runescape beta is now online!
|race = ''Bos taurus'' ([[cow]])
|members = No
|quest = [[Cold War]]
|location = Usually with [[cow]]s
|shop = No
|gender = Female
|examine = Fit for milking.
|map = No
[[File:Dairy cow chathead.png|left]]
A '''dairy cow''' is a [[cow]] that the player can milk with an empty [[bucket]] in their [[inventory]] to receive a [[bucket of milk]]. For more information, [[Gillie Groats]] by the northern [[Lumbridge]] cow pen will explain more about milking. Dairy cows were introduced because players could attack and kill a [[cow]] whilst another player was milking it, preventing them from receiving milk.
Unlike the other cows, dairy cows cannot be attacked or killed. A dairy cow does "talk" to the player during the quest [[Cold War]]. During and after completing Cold War, players can steal [[cowbells]] from them.
*[[Crafting Guild]]
*Farm just North of [[Ardougne]]
*Farm south of [[Falador]]
*[[Sinclair Mansion]]
[[Category:Non-player characters]]

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