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Dark is a music track that is unlocked east of the Wilderness.


The track is notable as it features four different short sections threaded together, with none of them repeated. The opening section lasts exactly fifty seconds, and features french horn along to a haunting background sound with a thumping drum beat underneath it, and this segues into a short chorus solo. The second section opens with a short piano solo. It is livelier and retains the chorus from the first section, which plays amongst a quick synthesised melody; this lasts just under forty seconds. The third section uses the same french horn from the opening and the same haunting background sound, but this time plays a slower, more woeful melody instead that lasts around thirty seconds. Once this dies down, the final section begins, which includes drums, bells, light piano, flutes and synthesised strings working together to create a moderately-paced, mysterious melody that lasts just over fifty seconds in total. Just as the section closes and track fades to nothing, the chime of a bell marks the finish.


  • This track was originally unlocked in the Barbarian Village, before the track Barbarianism existed.
  • The music track Intrepid features a remix of the third and fourth section of this song, except the miniature beats are not included.
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