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This article is about cooked dark crab. For the raw version, see raw dark crab.

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A dark crab is a type of food that is obtained by cooking a raw dark crab on a fire or a range. Doing so requires a Cooking level of at least 90 and yields 215 Cooking experience. They are a relatively popular food source due to the fact that they heal 22 Hitpoints when eaten.

The tuna potato and manta ray are also foods that heal 22 Hitpoints; however, these foods weigh more than the dark crab.

It is highly recommended to use Cooking gauntlets when cooking dark crabs because of their very high level requirements. When wielded, the gauntlets will drastically increase the amount of dark crabs that players cook successfully, rather than burning, considering even at level 99 Cooking they can still be burnt. Only when wearing the Cooking skill cape will dark crabs never burn.

Tools/Utensils Lobster pot and Dark fishing bait
Ingredients Raw dark crab
Fishing icon.png Level 85
Fishing Method Caging
Fishing Spot Resource Area, Wilderness
Fishing icon.png Experience 130
Cooking icon.png Level 90
Level at which it stops burning Never (unless wearing a Cooking skill cape)
Cooking icon.png Experience 215
Range Only? No
Instructions Use the raw dark crab with a fire or range.
Servings 1

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Vet'ion 454 8 2; Common [1]
Venenatis 464 8 2; Common [1]
Callisto 470 8 2; Common [1]
Kalphite Queen 333 2 3; Uncommon
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 8 dark crabs are dropped along with 3 Super restore (4).